SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. (SMHCC) launches joint operations to aid in Taal relief efforts

SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. (SMHCC) launches joint operations to aid in Taal relief efforts

More than being one of the most popular and beautiful attractions in the country, Taal Volcano, the island and its neighboring towns are home to hundreds of Filipino families who have lived there for generations.

Upon its eruption last January 12, 2020, thousands of Filipinos were uprooted. Their homes, sources of income, and belongings were covered in a thick layer of ash as the volcano spouted violently and relentlessly.

In a wholehearted effort to aid those who have been abruptly affected by this devastating natural calamity, SMHCC has launched joint relief operations across its properties and centers.

SMHCC, SMX Convention Center, Park Inn by Radisson Clark, and Taal Vista Hotel have collectively initiated voluntary employee donation drives to help supply urgent aid as well as support other ongoing relief endeavors led by concerned units and local governments. The cumulative amount of these drives went toward providing canned goods and disaster relief food, clothes, hygiene kits, and mats to evacuation centers in Tagaytay City and Batangas.

Taal Vista Hotel successfully organized the donation of linens, towels, blankets, bread and pastries, fruits, and cooked meals to the NBI Evacuation Center and Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Evacuation Center in Tagaytay City.

To further significantly assist in the region’s evacuation and relief programs, SMHCC, alongside SMX and Taal Vista Hotel, unselfishly volunteered at the Tagaytay Municipal Hall, Tagaytay Integrated School, Guinhawa, Luksuhin, Alfonso, Cavite, providing urgent aid to more than 350 families.

Meanwhile, more deliveries of donations and goods are underway as Pico Sands Hotel secures contributions including towels, linens, and blankets. All of which will be sent to an evacuation center in Batangas.

In this time of ongoing uncertainty that persistently shakes the country, SMHCC stands firm by the Filipino people in proactively extending a helping hand to all those in need. SMHCC’s joint relief operations will continue to serve as a much-needed response to the urgent call for the assistance of families and communities struck by this unfortunate natural catastrophe.

The cities of Tagaytay and Batangas have slowly started regaining whatever was lost as an aftermath of the eruption. In parallel, SMHCC persists to be a conscious partner in rebuilding these fabled cities not only as part of the community where our properties belong but more so as a conscious entity poised to help in further growing and developing the country.

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